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Using simple neuroscience we equip children to deal with thoughts of shame in order to overcome everyday life challenges such as the processing of new or seemingly difficult information.

For Families

If you have seen your child experience stress when learning, and they are internalising false narratives around the belief that they are stupid, we can change that.

When you have observed your child in this behaviour have you ever felt unsure of the best way to support them? This may be because you identify with the same difficult memories of schoolwork or learning new concepts that they do. Or perhaps you find learning easy but find it hard to articulate why?

In either case, working with WHATPONU concepts can support you both.

​What Happens At The Point Of Not Understanding is an evidence based program that shares what happens in your mind and body when you are learning and how to have a healthy response, that allows you to express your full potential in all areas of your life.

Who is it for?

What Happens At The Point Of Not Understanding (WHATPONU) is suitable for families that want to bring about change in the way they support their child to learn, to facilitate their children to be able to stay open to learning new things. Families may want to come together with one or two other families to complete the program together.

What's Involved?

  • Six sessions online, or in person over a period of time that suits your family

  • Groups of up to three families (max 15 people)

Contact Vanessa McHardy for more information and to book your family program. 

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We can halt unhelpful, shut down thinking and behaviours by some simple education in what is happening in your body and feelings when you are faced with new information. 

There are six sessions​

Session One

Giving context to the education system and that there are things we all find easy and tricky – that is normal and not a reason to think you are stupid.

Sessions Two & Three

Explores the brain and how it learns sharing basic neuroscience, the three main parts for learning, neurons, creation of pathways.

Sessions Four & Five

Looking at the unhealthy reactions and developing healthy responses to not understanding, practice and relearn how to be open and relaxed with new information - this will change your life.

Session Six

Diving deeper into the purpose and potential of this life, really inspiring and fun session where we do mind maps and draw out what possible jobs your child may want to do. 



Carol UK

My daughter went from being crippled by her anxiety to taking a whole school assembly that she organised herself, where she shared the lesson about the neuronal pathways being made, it was incredible

Roy, Parent, USA

I am an educator of 14 years who works with young children. The tools and various angles of insight Vanessa brought to our time together was illuminating. Her work so deeply aligns with what young children so often need - ways to find within themselves the assuring voice that helps them navigate and pass through - and beyond - the many challenges daily life can bring.

Hope, 15 years Colorado, USA

I really enjoyed being able to learn about the brain. I am now able to connect some of the things my anxiety will cause with the things I learned, and it helps me move through it more easily

What is the cost?

Six sessions per family NZD$300 per session can be done as 6 one hour sessions or two half days with 1:1 coaching session

Vanessa always met us as a family wherever we were at the moment. Even when our tween started out aloof. She acknowledged that and respected that space. She has a way of normalizing emotions while teaching tools and group exercises on how to move through those moments where one might feel stuck. Inevitably by the end, we were all laughing and at ease. This workshop was such an amazing experience to do as a family. I had the opportunity to see my kids as people that experience situations in education as I had experienced. The difference being that with Vanessa, they now have tools they can use so they can move through roadblocks and continue to flourish - we are so grateful!

-  Gina

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