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We deliver science-based programs to schools, corporations and families to support the development of lasting life skills for mental health and well-being. Light Education Training has been delivering award-winning programmes since 2014.

With over  20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist working in London’s schools, Vanessa wanted to expand the reach of her education and empower more people. Using neuroscience to learn about how the brain and body works can help people of all ages avoid the negative emotions and behaviours (such as shame), which are triggered when we don't understand something.


About our programs

University research found that our programs support participants to:

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Normalise learning, and reinforce that it is ok to ask for help

  • Enable you to respond to triggers, rather than to react

  • Support you to know when and how to calm your body

We can halt unhelpful, “shut-down” thinking and behaviours with some simple education. We offer students the opportunity to make the shift towards being responsive, curious, and open-hearted learners, rather than the typical shame experienced when faced with new information or challenges.

For families, businesses and corporates

Light Education Training’s services provide face-to-face and online support for families, businesses, and organisations.


For Schools

Light Education Training offers a number of award winning programs that can support your school.​ Both students and teachers can benefit from learning about basic neuro-science. Using simple and powerful tools Light Education Training can support lasting transformation in learning behaviour that can equip whole school communities with life skills that support both within and far beyond the four walls of the classroom environment.

Working with families is magical: adults and children work together in equalness as they learn about each other, with genuine curiosity.

Light Education Training can work with you and your family on Zoom (or in person if proximity allows). Sessions are designed to encourage parents and children to bring greater insight and clarity to their family relationships.

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Light Education Training works with businesses to support employees and managers to harness an understanding of neuro-science to avoid reactions and stress in the workplace.

Our initial experiences of education may well have been a long time ago, but the negative legacies of not feeling good enough, competition, judgement, shame, or of feeling stupid can literally live on, and trigger your reactions wherever you are today.

About our programs

This award-winning programme is a fast and simple approach to whole-schools communication, providing a common, consistent vocabulary that:


  • Normalises the range of feelings, emotions and bodily sensations in response to experiences
    in life

  • Provides ready identification of students who are struggling to learn

  • Allows for consistent approaches for staff supporting these children

  • Provides a platform to reduce anxiety (consistency rules!)

Winner:  Time to Talk (2017) for Islington Mental Health in Schools.

What is the WHATPONU programme? 

WHATPONU is an acronym that stands for:

What Happens At The Point Of Not Understanding 

These moments cause stress to the brain and the body. Knowing why something is happening helps us understand what we can do about it. How?!

We’ve developed a fun and engaging programme, using the basic principles of neuroscience to explain exactly what happens when something (anything) is not understood, what happens to the brain and the body thereafter, and what we can practically do about it.

Using these principles allows us to support the body to stay open and relaxed when learning any new information.

What is Same Sea, Different Boats?

Our Same Sea, Different Boats programme was developed in response to the unfolding mental health crisis that escalated along with Covid-19. We have worked in schools and online, with businesses and their communities to rebuild after the heart-breaking impacts of this pandemic. After some basic lessons in how fear affects the brain, space is provided for to talk and share, integrating art therapy with some very simple techniques that can help you, your students and/or staff to regulate body. VISIT THE WEBSITE

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To learn more about our programs for schools, families and corporate and more information on how to book contact us today!

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